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   About Me  

My name is Lauren! I'm a millennial - a 91 baby, a Gemini, an author, a mom, a wife, and a shop owner. My favorite color is black, my husband and I are high school sweethearts, and my favorite exotic animal is the flying fox bat. 

I started Dark Mother Clothing September 2019, shortly after having my first panic attack. Brought on by a ton of different stresses in my life, my body gave out on me. I was told I wore too much black, that my tattoos looked "dirty", so I bought cardigans and pastel colors to make myself seem more approachable. Many people are faced today with putting aside their true selves in order to get ahead in the job-world. What they don't tell you, is in doing so, you're chipping away at the factors that make you uniquely YOU. 

Couple these small chips away at my person, with being a full-time worker, full-time mom, authoring, trying to start a business, a mountain of debt, and a husband who had to work 15 hour days for us to try and get ahead. In July 2019, I had panic attacks for a week while being on bed rest. I had no idea it was due to stress and lack of support, because I thought "this is the price you pay for being a mom and having dreams." Except, it's not. 

My hair was the thinnest it had ever been, I was the lowest I had ever weighed since high school and having a 16 year old body. After it happened and with a little store-bought serotonin, I was able to find what was truly important. Me, and my happiness. 

I would go on to dedicate Dark Mother to be a brand of inclusion, self love; to love yourself for who you are, what you wear, and what you look like. To be uniquely you. To not conform, no matter what. To not make moves that chip away at your happiness, so no one else had to experience the physical duress I had to endure to realize those things. 

Dark Mother Clothing is here to boost your alternative self esteem, your love for black clothes, and provide reminders in your apparel that you are lovable, intelligent, and strong in every piece of clothing you wear. 

To learn more about my anxiety story, continue reading here.

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