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What do I get for applying?

All Models will receive:

- Free Clothing in exchange for social media posts

We have a ton of new designs, and collections,

we need your modeling skills! Remember, as our audience grows,

our ability to start paying models grows as well. 

Your pictures in our growth matters!

Terms and Conditions:

Must be 18+ years or older to apply.


Submission of pictures, outside of the recommendations as listed on the main Flock of Bats detail page, does not automatically result in payment to the model.

Payment results if your pictures are chosen, not only submitted.


Once in the program, if you feel this is not a fit, please email to opt out of the program. There are no hard feelings, and you may apply again in the future if you would like to re-enter.


If once in the program, and it is found that your account has blocked Dark Mother Clothing via Social Media or your account is deleted, you will be removed from the program and will no longer be eligible for free items. This is due to the inability for us as a business to sustain giving out free items, without the proper promotion in return. We  cannot have models taking advantage of receiving free items if there is no intent to post. 


If you would like to post your free items, but you're going through it, or you need more time, please contact us - We are a community of understanding women, and there are no hard feelings for needing to feel like yourself first. Clothes can wait. 

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