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Dot: The Spotless Dalmatian

A story about a little dog who learns to appreciate herself: Spots or No Spots

Space Buns Goes to Day Care

Our first children's book, dedicated to working parents, new experiences, and separation from your child.

Winnie The Lonely Witch

Come join us on a spooky little adventure for Winnie as she learns about inclusion and finding her own friends.

The Little Book of Self Care

Let's face it - 2020 has had us on the ropes! Here's a workbook that will help with recovery and self care. 

Odette: A Retelling of Swan Lake

A fairy tale retelling of Swan Lake. Young Adults will love this book and be swept away in its chaos!

A Tale of Blood and Water

L.K. Wyman's second epic fantasy novel tells a story about the means of survival when you must escape the family you were born into. 

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Coming Soon...

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