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  • Shipping / Fulfillment Times
    Shipping Times: Shipping of all non-preorder items have a fulfillment time of about 4-6 weeks, or 30 business days (Mon-Friday) and will ship immediately after fulfillment is completed. Dark Mother Clothing operates on business days only, to allot for a proper work-life balance, and to spend time with our family. What if my order says its been shipped, but the tracking says "Label Created"? This means that more than likely your package is still with us in the process of being put together to be shipped out. When labels are printed, our system automatically sends a "shipped" notification email. Continue to be mindful of the 4-6 week processing/shipping time as mentioned above, and check your tracking periodically for updates. If time has surpassed the 4-6 week window, and there have been no tracking updates, do not hesitate to reach out to us so we may also further check for you. Until then, please remain patient. How does it work when I check out and the label says "Shipping 1-3 Days" or "Ground Shipping 9 Days"? What you are purchasing is the shipping label itself and the time you want your package to take from the moment it is dropped off and shipped out. You are purchasing "shipping preferences" that when your package is printed and shipped, it should take 1-3 business days or 9 business days for ground to arrive at your residence. This does not mean that Dark Mother Clothing packages up and ships items in 1-3 days or in 9 days, as stated above. USPS and UPS do not guarantee time frames those shipping preferences, even more around the holiday season. If your item arrives outside of those windows, Dark Mother Clothing is not responsible for any disputes in time, that is something that must be taken up with USPS or UPS. Note: Once the package has been picked up by the carrier (USPS, UPS, etc.) shipping times are out of our control, and Dark Mother Clothing is no longer liable for delays. Note: Business Days do not include Saturdays, Sundays, or Holidays. Pre-Order Item Shipping Times are listed within each preorder listing of the item itself. Please refer to the item listing to have the appropriate shipping expectations.
  • Shipping Address Change
    Can I change the shipping address on my order? Yes, as long as your order hasn't shipped yet. If you need to change the ship-to address on an order, you may contact Dark Mother Clothing to request the change. Please include your order number, and the new address. We are here to help! What if I need to change my address, and my label has already been printed? If the label has already been printed, and the package is still being assembled in order to make the adjustment, shipping will need to be paid for again prior to the package being sent out. Please ensure all address changes are submitted & confirmed as soon as possible.
  • Pre-Orders: Start Times, Process & Shipping
    What time do Pre-Orders start? Pre-orders will begin in Arizona Mountain Time (due to this being where we are currently based). Arizona is also the only state that does not operate with Daylight Savings Time! Typically Pre-Orders will begin at 9AM or 9:30AM Arizona Mountain Time, unless otherwise specified in promotional emails or social media content. Preorders will always be found in the Pre-Order shop category on our website menu. 🦇If you are in another state and are ever curious about what time a preorder begins, or if you're worried about missing out on it, click HERE for a real-time clock of Arizona time to double check. When will my pre-order ship? If a product is on pre-order, that means it is in the process of being made! Estimated ship out dates are provided on the product’s page, in the description. You will be notified if there is any delay in the production process. Please note that we ship your entire order in ONE shipment, including items are already in stock. If you do not wish to wait until pre-order production is finished, please order in-stock items separately from the pre-order products. How long until I receive my order? Please refer to the preorder listing for appropriate shipping expectations of your product. My tracking hasn’t updated - Why? Rest assure our little delivery bats are on their way! Our shipping carriers are USPS, UPS who come to pick up from a local shipping facility about once or twice a week. Tracking does take a few days to update after the label has been printed as they pick up throughout the week. Additionally, due to the growth or volume of a preorder, we may ship out hundreds of packages at a time which causes shipping carriers a week or so to get everything scanned in.
  • Order Status, Tracking & Inquiry
    How can I verify that the order I placed online went through? Check your email! You will receive an automatically generated email that acknowledges that your order has been received. It may also end up in your spam, so be sure to check there. If you still do not receive an email, please utilize the Order Inquiry Form at Dark Mother Clothing. Where's the rest of my order? Due to the use of a Print-on-Demand fulfillment center for our clothing, mugs, hats, blankets, etc. orders usually arrive in separate packages. This is completely normal, but never hesitate to reach out and check in on the remainder of your order for any new / updated tracking numbers on outstanding items, Can I track or check the status of an order? Yes! You will receive several email communications related to the status of your order once it has been placed (generally, these are Order Confirmation, Processing, and Shipped status updates). Dark Mother Clothing does not provide detailed updates outside of this, unless sent by the owner independently, or found within the Announcements section of the site. An email will be sent confirming your order has been received and is being processed by Dark Mother Clothing. You will also receive an email as soon as your order has shipped, which will include tracking information. These emails could also end up in your spam/junk/promotional folders, please ensure all are checked regularly to not miss them!
  • International Orders & Customs Fees
    **We have recently reopened International Shipping to the UK / CA / and the EU now that we have a direct link to USPS shipping options. This update occurred on 11/7/2022** **Update: Due to the increased cost of International Shipping to the UK and Canada, we are having to stop orders as of 7/12/2022. In some areas, the cost of shipping was more than the price of the order itself, ranging anywhere from $35 to $89 for a single item. We will continue to keep a close eye on the shipping costs to our friends in CA and in the UK/EU among other regions, in hopes that we can open them up again in the future.** I'm an international customer. Can the cost of my order be lowered to avoid customs fees? We cannot lower the dollar amount on international orders in order to avoid custom fees. We do not cover, nor are we responsible for, customs fees placed on international orders. How much does it cost to ship to me? Price varies based on your exact address, as well as the total weight of the package.
  • Redeeming Discount Codes
    All discount codes can be redeemed at Checkout, via the desktop site, or mobile site. Any orders that are made, and a discount code is not added at the time of checkout, cannot be applied retroactively either. Requests for free products, to compensate for the lack of discount code applied, is also not acceptable. Requests such as these will not be fulfilled. If you are having trouble locating where to enter your discount code, please utilize the Chat function available on our site, or our Contact Us form prior to placing your order. Note: Pre-orders are generally subject to exclusion from all discount codes, along with Stickers, Halloween Heaties, and small accessories (keychains, enamel pins, etc.) unless otherwise indicated.
  • What if my package was returned to sender?
    If ordering an item, and the package is marked as "return to sender" due to insufficient address, customers may be subject to pay for the items to be reshipped. Please always cross-check your addresses when submitting your information in your order. Never trust the auto-fill; Sometimes autofill can input old addresses, or the correct address but miss the email, or miss apartment/suite numbers! Before you submit, always check its going to the intended correct place. If you need to update your address, and your item has not shipped yet, please contact us as soon as possible at Dark Mother Clothing.
  • Refund Requests
    MAIN ITEMS: All items at Dark Mother Clothing are made-to-order, and are non-returnable / non-refundable for incorrect sizing / buyer's remorse orders. If you have an issue that needs further inquiry in this area, please utilize the order inquiry section of the website. In order for an item to be considered for refund/return, an inquiry must be submitted within 5 days of the orders delivery date. Please include your First & Last Name, Order Number, Item in question, and any pictures to assist us. . PREORDERS: Items available for preorder are non-refundable due to being made to order.
  • Cancellations
    I need to cancel my order. Not a problem at all! Cancellations made within 48 hours of purchase date will receive a 100% refund returned to the payment method on file. Cancellations made after 48 hours of purchase date will receive a 100% refund in the form of shop credit. Please utilize our Contact Form to let us know that you wish to cancel your order. Note: Preorders are non-refundable / non-cancellable outside of the preorder window
  • Theft or Damage Inquiries
    If you have experienced a damaged order, please send a email through our customer service order inquiry form and include the following: Damage: - Picture of what the product looks like upon opening / the damaged area - Full Name and Order Number This allows us the ability to issue a replacement order, or a refund if the same product is out of stock. Theft: - If you believe you are a victim of package theft, and your items show as "delivered" per your tracking number, please issue a problem report with the shipper (USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, ect.) to start a stolen claims process, as well as a police report. Dark Mother Clothing will not replace stolen items.
  • Where is Dark Mother Clothing based out of?
    Dark Mother Clothing is based out of Arizona. Our goods ship from Arizona, as well as a Print on Demand facility in North Carolina.
  • Chat Hours
    Our Chat Hours are currently: Monday through Friday from 10AM to 3PM Arizona Standard Time
  • Dark Mother Copyright & Trademark
    Dark Mother Clothing is a trademarked company, and all designs within are under company copyright. This prohibits the use of designs being traced & sold, traced & redesigned for the purpose of profit and passing off as your own design, purchased and sold, or digitally "screen-shotted" and used to request commission of another small business.
  • Permissions Request
    The use of any of our artwork, designs, photos, etc. must be requested with the permission of use via email at to recieve an official letter of approval from the owner (Lauren K. Wyman). Failure to request permission, and use the copywritten material of Dark Mother Clothing can result in legal consequences of theft/plagiarism, and copyright infringement.
  • Can I get a design tattooed?
    At this time, please follow the Permissions Request guidelines above to receive an approval letter. In the future, we may release a "Tattoo Pass" for a cost, permitting a 1 time use of our designs in regards of tattooing.
  • Can I be an influencer for your shop?
    I'd love to sponsor Dark Mother Clothing on social media, in exchange for free items! How do I do that? This is typically called an "Influencer" within the social media community. Note: This is not a "collaboration" or "collab" as some influencers would mention. A collaboration is the work and effort between two people to produce or create something. Wanting free merchandise in exchange for social media reach is a sponsorship of the shop you are reaching out to. If you'd like to participate in a sponsorship as an influencer, please send your media kit to or message us through Instagram at for consideration. What's a media kit? Your media kit should be able to answer the following items when requesting to do a sponsorship: - Stats on your engagement via social media (likes/comments/hashtag usage and audience reach) - What is your message as an influencer, or what do you stand for as an influencer? - Where do you promote your content primarily (provide links) - What are your various social media platforms, and are they available to the public, or private profile? - What are your thoughts for the sponsorship you're asking me for? Ideas? Plans? Dark Mother is seeking: - Influencer with similar aesthetic / audience to Dark Mother Clothing (alternative style, halloween fantatic, goth/emo/punk, etc.) - Influencer needs to have an audience of 5,000+ authentic followers at minimum. Paid followers will not grant you a partnership. - Influencers who do not meet the above minimum criteria - No MLM companies or Direct Sales at this time
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