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Frequently asked questions

Orders / Shipping / More

Refunds / Returns

All items at Dark Mother Clothing are made-to-order, and are non-returnable / non-refundable for incorrect sizing / buyer's remorse orders. If you have an issue that needs further inquiry in this area, please utilize the Contact Us section of the website. In order for an item to be considered for refund/return, an inquiry must be submitted within 15 days of the orders delivery date. Please include your First & Last Name, Order Number, Item in question, and any pictures necessary.

Shipping / Fulfillment Times

Processing & Shipping are taking longer during these times due to the extra safety and social distancing measures being used at different warehouse locations. Due to this, fulfillment (processing) on all orders could take up to 15-20 business days. Note: Business Days does not include Saturdays, Sundays, or Holidays. This means an order placed on Monday the 1st for example, may not be fulfilled/processed for two work-weeks, or Monday the 14th. This does not include shipping time. The same principle should be applied towards Shipping/Handling times as well. While the world is trying its best to adapt to the new environment that comes with the pandemic, shipping times may also be delayed, though most carriers are doing their best to stick to similar times prior to the pandemic hitting. Please remember we are not Amazon. While I am also an avid shopper of Amazon, and love their site, I know not all retailers are the same. Please be patient as orders are sent/shipped in accordance with the times above. Note: Once the package has been picked up by the carrier ( USPS, UPS, etc.) shipping times are out of our control, and Dark Mother Clothing is no longer liable for delays.

Theft / Damage Inquiries

If you have experienced a damaged order, please send a email through our customer service email ( or the Contact Us form and include the following: Damage: - Picture of what the product looks like upon opening / the damaged area - Full Name and Order Number This allows us the ability to issue a replacement order. Theft: - If you believe you are a victim of package theft, and your items show as "delivered" per your tracking number, please issue a problem report with the shipper (USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, ect.) to start a stolen claims process, as well as a police report. Dark Mother Clothing will not replace stolen items.

Where's the rest of my order?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this caused our warehouses and fulfillment centers to operate at a different rate. Rather than stalling your order and waiting for the entire order to be ready and shipped at once, you may experience your order be shipped in multiple packages. This is to operate under a "first completed, first out" method. For example, if you received a smaller item first, like a mug, hat, or stickers, but also ordered shirts, this could be because apparel may take longer to fulfill. But don't worry! The rest of your order is still on the way. Once the other part of your order has been shipped, you'll receive a new tracking number to show the progress of that order being delivered to your home.

Redeeming Discount Codes

All discount codes can be redeemed at Checkout, via the desktop site, or mobile site. Any orders that are made, and a discount code is not added at the time of checkout, cannot be applied retroactively either. Requests for free products, to compensate for the lack of discount code applied, is also not acceptable. Requests such as these will not be fulfilled. If you are having trouble locating where to enter your discount code, please utilize the Chat function available on our site, or our Contact Us form prior to placing your order.

Influencer Information

I want to be a Model - How do I apply?

Check out our "Model" page for more information! We'd love to have you!

Can I be an influencer for your shop?

I'd love to sponsor Dark Mother Clothing on social media, in exchange for free items! How do I do that? This is typically called an "Influencer" within the social media community. Note: This is not a "collaboration" or "collab" as some influencers would mention. A collaboration is the work and effort between two people to produce or create something. Wanting free merchandise in exchange for social media reach is a sponsorship of the shop you are reaching out to. If you'd like to participate in a sponsorship as an influencer, please send your media kit to or message us through Instagram at for consideration. What's a media kit? Your media kit should be able to answer the following items when requesting to do a sponsorship: - Stats on your engagement via social media (likes/comments/hashtag usage and audience reach) - What is your message as an influencer, or what do you stand for as an influencer? - Where do you promote your content primarily (provide links) - What are your various social media platforms, and are they available to the public, or private profile? - What are your thoughts for the sponsorship you're asking me for? Ideas? Plans? Dark Mother is seeking: - Influencer with similar aesthetic / audience to Dark Mother Clothing (alternative style, halloween fantatic, goth/emo/punk, etc.) - Influencer needs to have an audience of 5,000+ authentic followers at minimum. Paid followers will not grant you a partnership. Dark Mother is NOT seeking: - Influencers who do not meet the above minimum criteria - No MLM companies or Direct Sales at this time

About Dark Mother Clothing

Where is Dark Mother Clothing based out of?

The shop is based out of Arizona, while our goods ship from a warehouse in North Carolina.

Design Plans for 2021

Our plans are to build the following branches of Dark Mother Clothing in 2021 at length: 1. Dark Darling - Completed! 2. Dark Father - Completed! 3. Dark & Dastardly - Completed! 4. Dark Mother - Completed! 5. The Little Goblins Line (Children's Wear) 6. Expand the Seratonin Collection 7. Halloween Zodiac Collection - Completed! 8. Creatures Collection

Chat Hours

Our Chat Hours are currently: Monday through Friday from 8AM to 6PM Arizona Standard Time

Comissions / Copyright / Permissions Request

Dark Mother Copyright & Trademark

Dark Mother Clothing is a trademarked company, and all designs within are under company copyright. This prohibits the use of designs being traced & sold, traced & redesigned for the purpose of profit and passing off as your own design, purchased and sold, or digitally "screen-shotted" and used to request comission of another small business.

Permissions Request

The use of any of our artwork, designs, photos, etc. must be requested with the permission of use via email at to recieve an official letter of approval from the owner (Lauren K. Wyman). Failure to request permission, and use the copywritten material of Dark Mother Clothing can result in legal consequences of theft/plagiarism, and copyright infringement.

Can I get a design tattooed?

At this time, please follow the Permissions Request guidelines above to recieve an approval letter. In the future, we may release a "Tattoo Pass" for a cost, permitting a 1 time use of our designs in regards of tattooing.