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Meet Twilight! This soft, snuggly Bat is often quiet, and keeps to herself when she's not flying around with her friends. With embroidered sleeping eyes, wings, and ears, she is ready for the best kind of snuggles. Just be sure you don't catch your little one sleeping upside down too!

(Flaxseed + Lavender)

Meet the heaties

Are you as happy as Jack? He's always laughing, and being a silly little pumpkin. With a cheerful  smile, embroidered leaves, and a curly stem, he's ready to pal around with your little ones and have some fun.

(Flaxseed + Lavender)

Billy is the nicest Grim Reaper you'll ever meet! And to prove it, he wears his heart on his cloak - with a small, blush embroidered heart. Courageous and an observer, he's an excellent addition for your little one's plushie collection.

(Flaxseed + Lavender)

Help your little one sooth themselves by the full moon with Remus the Wolf! Make sure he doesn't stay up too late or he'll howl all night long.

Perfect for nighttime snuggles, with a calming scent.

(Flaxseed + Lavender)

Do you notice cabinets closing in their own? Maybe a door creaking open? Not to fear! It's just Ruby! She's a shy, considerate little ghost that's looking to help her new best friend.

(Flaxseed + Lavender)

Stanley is a special little sea monster, who is not only kind but perfect for kids with an allergy to Lavender. Stanley comes with the scent of salt and flaxseed to remind you of the depths of the ocean.

(Flaxseed + Salt)

Safety and Soothing are our top priority

With our Halloween Heaties, 5 of the 6 are made with Flaxseed and Lavender as the warming scent; perfect for soothing and sleepies right before nap or bedtime, and even a calming scent around the house. Our sixth is a special non-scented Heatie made with Salt and Flaxseed, perfect for warming, while providing the same soothing comfort for those with allergies to Lavender.

With our Halloween Heaties, you will receive not only the plushie, but a PDF sent electronically post-order of the Heating/Care Instruction labels, as well as the Microwave Wattage instructions so you never have to worry about losing the things that keep us and our little ones safe!

It is important that the heating instructions stay in-tact for safety, however we also dedicated this page - as we know things happen; labels get ripped off, or dirty - This page is for that exact purpose. That if all else fails, you can always rely on the Halloween Heaties page to provide the same information you would receive in your PDF, as well as the labels on the plushies themselves.

Microwave Wattage