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Pre Order Details

All Halloween Heaties collections will be in the form of a preorder, unless otherwise specified.


In listing for the Heaties, along with the digital files that are sent after purchase, and the product pictures in each listing, there are multiple areas where it states the Heaties are apart of a preorder and they will not be shipped until Quarter 2 of 2022. (This means anywhere from April to June 2022.)


This is due to the Heaties still being made in mass production, which takes about 30-45 days, they will then be shipped to us at Dark Mother Clothing where we are responsible for then packaging all the orders and getting the Heaties sent out to you!

Any further questions, please utilize the Contact Form or our Chat Option

Safety and Soothing are our top priority

With our Halloween Heaties, 5 of the 6 are made with Flaxseed and Lavender as the warming scent; perfect for soothing and sleepies right before nap or bedtime, and even a calming scent around the house. Our sixth is a special non-scented Heatie made with Salt and Flaxseed, perfect for warming, while providing the same soothing comfort for those with allergies to Lavender.

With our Halloween Heaties, you will receive not only the plushie, but a PDF sent electronically post-order of the Heating/Care Instruction labels, as well as the Microwave Wattage instructions so you never have to worry about losing the things that keep us and our little ones safe!

It is important that the heating instructions stay in-tact for safety, however we also dedicated this page - as we know things happen; labels get ripped off, or dirty - This page is for that exact purpose. That if all else fails, you can always rely on the Halloween Heaties page to provide the same information you would receive in your PDF, as well as the labels on the plushies themselves.

Microwave Wattage

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