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Pre-Order Update: 11.21.23

See below on the most recent update to our current preorders, and delivery estimates

(Outside of Preorders)

We are currently working on the remaining October orders (beginning to EOM) - As a reminder, our standard shipping time has increased from 3-4 weeks, to 4-6 weeks as of 10.10.23. This is due to being a single owned and operated business, keeping up with customers, demand, and order customization where necessary.


  1. Production has officially been completed on the Bat Satchels and Mini Wallets with the preorder close date of August 1st. Good News! All the Bat Satchels and Mini Wallets arrived Friday 11.17.23 and will be scheduled for delivery by the end of the month. Please see your emails for tracking information that will go out the week of Thanksgiving and thereafter.

  2. Our current preorder of BATPACKPALOOZA has been extended until December 1st due to poor visiblity and a concern that manufacturing would not be able to complete an unfulfilled order. Thankfully, with communication to our manufacturer, they are permitting the order to still go through, however the estimated time of arrival has changed. Our original target was January/February, had the order been completed in full, however we're looking at February/March as the current estimated timeline for this order to complete.

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