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Pre-Order Update: 10.23.23

See below on the most recent update to our current preorders, and delivery estimates

(Outside of Preorders)

We are currently working on the remaining September orders, and working our way into the beginning of October. Standard orders will be shipping soon! - As a reminder, our standard shipping time has increased from 3-4 weeks, to 4-6 weeks as of 10.10.23. This is due to being a single owned and operated business, keeping up with customers, demand, and order customization where necessary.


  1. All Large Batpack and Mini Batpack orders are on their 4th month in the 3-4 month time expectancy from the preorder close of July 1st. All preorders from this date have been printed, and are being packaged, and dropped off in the month of October. - We have currently dropped off 100 orders, and are moving on to more this week as well. We appreciate your patience!

  2. Production has officially been completed on the Bat Satchels and Mini Wallets with the preorder close date of August 1st. These will be delivered throughout the month of November, as long as delivery from our manufacturer occurs prior to November 15th.

  3. Our current preorder of BATPACKPALOOZA is going on now until Halloween, at the earliest, and may be extended to November 15th. This is to allow more time for the preorder to gain traction, as visibility has been difficult for many small businesses like our own. In the event the preorder quantity of 100 items is not met for each product, we will discuss the possibility of getting a smaller amount made with our manufacturer, OR refunds may need to be applied. We will do our best to ensure the second route is our last resort, as we know getting the product is the most desired result.

In the meantime, sharing our business is the best way to support us if you have already done so financially, and its not within your means to buy products right now. Broadening our audience is the only way we will continue to be successful, and we appreciate anyone who has taken an invested interest in our business, purchased product, taken a chance on us, or shared our content with others. Without you, we would not be here, and we're grateful to all of you kind and loving souls.

- Our Instagram and TikTok channels are @darkmotherco for both, and we'd love to see you there <3

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