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Pre-Order Update: 2.05.24

See below on the most recent update to our current preorders, and delivery estimates

(Outside of Preorders)

We are currently finishing up our January orders, thank you all for your continued patience! - As a reminder, our standard shipping time has increased from 3-4 weeks, to 4-6 weeks as of 10.10.23. This is due to being a single owned and operated business, keeping up with customers, demand, and order customization where necessary.


  1. BATPACKPALOOZA UPDATE: All the bags from our BatPackPalooza order have been finished, and began their shipping journey in the last week of January; this puts us on track for a mid/late February arrival, and the month of March will be our shipping month! For now, we wait for them patiently to arrive!! EEEE!!!

  2. Dainty Bats Jewelry UPDATE: We placed our jewelry order with our manufacturer and cant wait to send these out to you all! - From Feb 9th to February 19th, Chinese New Year will begin, where our partners will spend the holiday with their families; production will begin on Feb 20th. - This puts our estimated time of arrival May/June. However, these are smaller pieces, so production may also go at a faster pace due to simplicity of their design. We will continue to keep you updated as time goes on!

  3. The Mother Locket UPDATE: The Mother Locket has returned for preorder for the month of February, this time in new finishes, and we're so excited!

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