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The following are the new acknowledgements located prior to checkout, as well as pieces of our FAQ section. (NOTE: These new shipping times are effective as of 10.10.23 - Orders placed before this date are not in this new update, orders placed 10.10.23 and after will be held to the new update.) _____________________________________________________________________________________________ To have the best experience possible, please review the details below to our most common discrepancies in our shopping process. These are answered to give all customers peace of mind, clarification, and transparency.

In this confirmation, you understand the following:

- I acknowledge that order processing times are estimated at 4-6 weeks or 30 business days (Mon-Fri) at the latest, outside of pre-order items. These are separate from the times listed on the shipping selection the customer chooses at checkout.

- I will review my emails (inbox, junk, spam) before contacting Dark Mother Clothing. The most common email addresses that have issues receiving our emails, are Gmail and YahooMail. Our emails typically get filtered to the Promotions Tab (for Gmail) or Junk (for YahooMail).

- I will do my due diligence prior to contacting the owner of Dark Mother Clothing by reading this, and all terms and disclosures and follow the Customer Accountability Policy. - Pre-Order Items: Product details on non-clothing items will always contain whether the item is a preorder or not, based on the product pictures, item name, product flag, listing details, and if there are any digital files sent post-order. As a consumer, it is your responsibility to read these and understand these items. Understanding what you ordered and the details within is the best way for you to ensure you have the right expectations regarding your items.

- Pre-Orders are non-refundable / non-cancellable after the Pre-Order window has closed.

- Digital products are only digital products and will be sent via email after your purchase.

- Discount codes cannot be applied retroactively.

- I am always happy to answer any questions or concerns; however, I will not tolerate belligerent, rude behavior. Please review our Right to Refuse Poor Treatment Policy.

- You are shopping with a small business. If you expect Amazon shipping times, you will be disappointed in our service, as we are a 1-man operation. UPDATED SHIPPING & PROCESSING FAQ SECTION:

Shipping Times:

Shipping of all non-preorder items have a fulfillment time of about 4-6 weeks, or 30 business days (Mon-Friday) and will ship immediately after fulfillment is completed. Dark Mother Clothing operates on business days only, to allot for a proper work-life balance, and to spend time with our family.

What if my order says its been shipped, but the tracking says "Label Created"?

This means that more than likely your package is still with us in the process of being put together to be shipped out. When labels are printed, our system automatically sends a "shipped" notification email. Continue to be mindful of the 4-6 week processing/shipping time as mentioned above, and check your tracking periodically for updates. If time has surpassed the 4-6 week window, and there have been no tracking updates, do not hesitate to reach out to us so we may also further check for you. Until then, please remain patient.

How does it work when I check out and the label says "Shipping 1-3 Days" or "Ground Shipping 9 Days"?

What you are purchasing is the shipping label itself and the time you want your package to take from the moment it is dropped off and shipped out. You are purchasing "shipping preferences" that when your package is printed and shipped, it should take 1-3 business days or 9 business days for ground to arrive at your residence.

This does not mean that Dark Mother Clothing packages up and ships items in 1-3 days or in 9 days, as stated above. USPS and UPS do not guarantee time frames those shipping preferences, even more around the holiday season. If your item arrives outside of those windows, Dark Mother Clothing is not responsible for any disputes in time, that is something that must be taken up with USPS or UPS.

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