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You could win up to $500 total for your photos!

Win $100 per chosen photo in the following categories (Dark Mother, Dark Darling, Dark Father, Dark & Dastardly, and Little Goblins) and be the face of our main landing page!


Choose to win $100 cash (Venmo or Paypal) or $100 towards Dark Mother Clothing credits

Submit a photo for all five categories, and you could win the full $500!


Submission of work does not guarantee winning / Winners will be chosen June 1st 2022 / Be sure to include up-to-date contact information on your submission should you win.


Do not respond to any other accounts side from @darkmotherco on Instagram, TikTok, or directly from us to avoid scams for personal information.

Submission Guidelines:

If you have purchased one of our Dark Mother, Dark Father, Dark Darling, Dark & Dastardly, or Little Goblin main-branded tees, we want you!


- Photos must contain quality, natural lighting, and close up view of our product

- Photos should be styled in accordance with our Dark Mother brand, please see current main category pictures for pose / style reference

- We're looking for submissions for the following categories:

Dark Mother

Dark Father

Dark Darling

Dark & Dastardly

Little Goblins

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