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🕸️💍The Widow Ring

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Introducing The Widow Ring, an elegant piece of jewelry crafted with exquisite detail and precision.

Crafted from 925 Sterling Silver and plated in white gold, this eye-catching ring features shimmering white sapphire stones that delicately encircle a stunning black widow's web.

With its bold and unique design, the Widow Ring is perfect for making a statement and adding a touch of luxury to any ensemble. Whether you choose to wear it as a simple reminder of the beauty of nature or as an ode to your own strength and independence, the Widow Ring will be sure to captivate onlookers with its timeless, spindly, grace.


Ring is available in US sizes 5-11

Made of 925 Sterling Silver, White Gold Plated, with 34 inlaid White Sapphire stones in a spiderweb setting

  • Thirty-two 1.0 sized White Sapphire Stones
  • One 1.3 sized White Sapphire Stone
  • One 1.5 sized White Sapphire Stone


  1. Pre-orders will be open for a minimum of 50 orders to start; if we sell out of those first 50, we will add more slots until sales continue to slow down for the preorder month.
  2. All pieces will be shipped and sold by us at Dark Mother Clothing via USPS
  3. Please allow for up to 3-4 months for mass-production
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