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🐐🖤 LV + F | Halloween Heaties - Greta the Goat

Snuggle Up with Halloween
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Product Details

With plenty of time, and a lot of love in the making, Dark Mother Clothing is proud to introduce our first Limited Edition plushie experience in our very own Halloween Heaties!

Halloween Heaties® 12” buddies are fully microwavable to provide hours of soothing warmth and comfort, in 6 unique plushie styles for your Little Goblin (or let's be honest.... for yourself). There are four heaties scented with real dried French lavender and flaxseed, and two Heaties scented with Salt and Flaxseed for anyone with sensitivities to traditional scents. Scents are not interchangeable. They are weighted perfectly for a positive sensory experience. Proven to reduce stress and anxiety, help with cramps or PTSD, temper tantrums, or make bedtime a breeze - Halloween Heaties make a great gift for any alternative parent or child.

Choose from any one of the six plushies, or order the entire set!

1. Odin the Raven (Salt + Flaxseed)

2. Wishbone the Skele-deer (Salt + Flaxseed)

3. Twilight the Bat (Lavender + Flaxseed)

4. Remus the Wolf (Lavender + Flaxseed)

5. Juniper the Jackelope (Lavender + Flaxseed)

6. Gretta the Goat (Lavender + Flaxseed)


While we do our best to ensure Salt + Flaxseed Heaties do not come near the Lavender + Flaxseed Heaties upon shipping, it is important to know that all Heaties are made on the same manufacturing floor. All allergies should be considered & managed by the buyer. Dark Mother Clothing is not responsible for any allergic reactions.


Recommended for ages 3+ and up for safety

Plushies measure 11.5-12 inches in length

Weight 1.5lbs

Velcro Back Opening for warming insert removal (in the event of damage)

Halloween Heaties are recommended to spot clean only for long-term care. If needing to put in washer or dryer due to heavy filth, first remove warming insert and wash on delicate, and air dry. If warming insert is left in and submerged in water, or any essential oil drops are added to the pouch, this will damage the internal contents and increase risk for fire. Please throw away warming insert if this occurs.

*Warming inserts are not sold separately; if wanting a new warming insert, a new plushie will have to be ordered

*It is normal for scents to become less strong with multiple trips through the warming process, it is also normal for the plushie to appear moist/damp upon some of its first uses. Both of these instances will dissipate over time. Please adhere to Heating & Care Instructions to extend the life of your Heatie.


If you are buying these items for a pet specifically, please note Lavender, the plant, does contain a small amount of a compound called linalool, which is toxic to both dogs and cats and other animals.

Halloween Heaties are not meant to be pet plushies. They are not resistant to teeth, biting, or gnawing of any kind. If you have a pet who is a chewer, burrower, or in any way could tear open a plushie, DO NOT order one for their safety.

We love pets and want to ensure all the fur babies are safe.


All heatie orders will come with a digital download of our heat, care, and safety instructions in case any of the tags come off during playtime! They are also available 24/7 on our website, so you never have to worry. Heaties are completed with a velcro back to remove the warming pouch on the inside, in case of damage, or heavy dirt.

It is important to read the heating instructions, and do not remove the labels from the plushies themselves. Not following the heating instructions can result in injury. Dark Mother Clothing is not held liable for damages of any kind if safety, care, and heating Instructions are not followed.


  1. Pre-orders will be open until 100 plushies are ordered. Once 100 minimum order quantity if fulfilled, the Pre-Order will close, and production of the plushies will begin!
  2. All plushies will be shipped and sold by us at Dark Mother Clothing via USPS, and will come with a Halloween Heaties care instruction sheet
  3. Please allow for up to 3-4 months for production to delivery, unless otherwise communicated by the owner.
  4. Any remaining preorder slots listed & available can be purchased by customers while Heaties are in a "In Production" status
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