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🖤 Pre-Order | The Mother Locket

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Dark Mothers, come and join us!
Are you a fierce, and bold mom that has been looking for something to express yourself in a unique way? We have the perfect piece of jewelry just for you. Show your love for your babies with The Mother Locket from Dark Mother Clothing. This luxurious locket is made of 925 Sterling Silver and black enamel and features a beautiful mother bat carrying her baby bat through the night forest--a perfect combination of strength, beauty and love.
Whether it’s an everyday accessory or an occasional treat to remind yourself how awesome being a mother is, this locket will be your companion as it tells your story. Stay true to yourself while cherishing joyous moments of parenting with The Mother Locket.
Shop now on our website and treat yourself--or someone else--to an exquisite accessory they can treasure forever! Represent everything special about being a mom with The Mother Locket!
  • The locket itself is made from 925 Sterling Silver, polished to perfection, and filled with a beautiful black enamel to give our Mother and Baby Bat the perfect pop against the night sky.
  • Pictures can be placed on either side of the locket (inside). See below for recommendations on how to input pictures
    • When you receive your locket, we recommend laying the locket on top of the picture you want to use (face down), and tracing the outside shape with a ballpoint pen or felt pen to obtain your base.
    • Then, cut as needed until picture can safely fit within the inside borders.
    • Can use a glue-dot sticky, or a small clear command strip for dual-stick without ruining the interior of the locket. We do not recommend using ACTUAL glue to put your pictures inside (as anything can happen to pictures that are not sealed - and if damaged, removing glued pictures will be much more difficult.)
  • It also comes with a 24 inch Sterling Silver Box Chain for easy on-off "over the head" removal for most. We wanted a longer chain so those with long nails didn't need to mess with a clasp if they didn't have to. Of course, if on-off removal isn't easy, we highly recommend a magnetic clasp from the company Necklett as a resource.


Necklace length is 24 inches, Sterling Silver Box Chain

Pendant Size is 2 Inches

Made of 925 Sterling Silver and Black Enamel


  1. Pre-orders will be open for a minimum of 50 orders to start; if we sell out of those first 50, we will add more slots until sales continue to slow down for the month of the preorder.
  2. All lockets will be shipped and sold by us at Dark Mother Clothing via USPS
  3. Please allow for up to 3-4 months for mass-production
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