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A Simple World Building EXTRAS | Fantasy & Sci-Fi - PDF or GoodNotes Capable

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Introducing A Simple World-building Guide - Fantasy & Sci-Fi EXTRAS available as a PDF or GoodNotes file! A minimalist, novel notebook that provides an endless ability to create a n brand new world all your own, every time you need one.

Layouts included in this template:

  • Fantasy / SCI-FI Species Sheet (Create your species of monster, a new kind of dwarf or elves, or an alien lifeform)
  • Fantasy / SCI-FI Species History Sheet (Create the origins of your new species, who they are, and where'd they come from)
  • Character Marking Sheet (Does your character have specific markings, scars, or other? Draw on the character bodies where they would be!)
  • Character Marking Magic Rules / Definitions (Do these markings have any magical implications, dark history, or terminal endings, and if so what are they and why?)


  • Once download file is sent and received, you may use the GoodNotes version to directly open in GoodNotes, or you may use the PDF version and import the planner manually within GoodNotes. (GoodNotes is currently an IOS/Mac app only)
  • If you prefer to use the PDF to physically print out the planner, you may do so as well.

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