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Batty About You Sugar Spoon

Fly My Sweetness, Fly Fly!
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Product Details

Introducing a Dark Mother exclusive, our Batty About You Coffee + Sugar Spoon, made of 100% Stainless Steel. Dishwasher safe, all while helping your sugar intake, this beautiful baby can cling to the side of your cup waiting to sweeten your life...and drink of choice.

Note: Listing price is for 1 (One) Bat Spoon

  • The bat features etched wings, ears, feet, and soft, sleeping eyes as a nod to our own delay waking up in the early morning hours, when we'd much rather crawl back into our caves.
  • The spoon itself is mirror-polished, and can rest its wing on the side of your coffee cup to hold on, so you don't have to put it down on any unclean surfaces.


The bottom wing points of the bat spoon are sharp - Keep out of reach of children who may put the spoon into their mouth and cause injury. Dark Mother Clothing is not liable for any injuries sustained. Please keep out of loose clothing, or anything the wings could snag onto and also cause unintentional tearing.

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