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'Children of the Night' Bat-Wing Sweater

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"Listen to them. The children of the night, what music they make!" - Bram Stoker's Dracula

Become a child of the night! Wherever you go, you can show up, fly-in, or flap your way to being the most festive in the room with the Children of the Night Bat-Wing Sweater. We've crafted this 100% cotton, medium weight sweater to resemble the fun and show-stopping aesthetics of a spirit jersey, while being able to keep you warm in chilled weather.

This sweater comes with BUILT IN BAT WINGS! 4-Panel Wings were carefully constructed beneath both arms, connected to the torso, to create a positively batty experience for any wearer. Wings are long enough to comfortably wear backpacks / cross-body bags while treading theme parks, Halloween parties, the pumpkin patch, or just....ya know, strollin' down the street.

*Currently available in adult bat sizes only


- Front: Dark Mother white puff paint logo

- Back: Children of the Night white puff paint quote excerpt

- Bottom: White 3D puff paint bat pattern all the way around the bottom

- 100% Cotton, Cuffed sleeves, Crew Neck style, and Drop shoulders

- Spirit jersey inspired design

- Washing Instructions: Always wash garments inside out to protect external designs and puff paint exterior; Wash cold & tumble dry


Find the perfect size now by checking out our size chart below

Note: Garment measurements are determined by the sweater lying flat, not circumference or diameter.


  1. Pre-orders will be open until 150 sweaters are ordered. Once 150 minimum order quantity if fulfilled. If we sell out quickly, we will refill by quantities of 50 slots for 1 Week from 9/23/22.
  2. All sweaters will be shipped and sold by us at Dark Mother Clothing via USPS or UPS
  3. Please allow for up to 30-40 days for mass-production, and shipping an additional 35 days by sea
  4. Total estimated time from the order, to delivery, should be about *10-12 Weeks (this puts Delivery at mid-December 2022, unless communicated otherwise to the buyers, or any unforeseen shipping delays occur)
    - Update: 12/8/2022 - All buyers were communicated with via social media, discord channel, and email regarding COVID related delay at end of November. Production completed as of 12/5/2022 and shipping is currently underway overseas. Jersey's on track to be shipped by End of Month for December / Early-Mid January depending on arrival.
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