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Death Before Decaf Embroidered Tee

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If someone tries to hand you a cup of decaf, you hand it right back. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

Coffee. Java. Magic. It’s the delicious, life-affirming go-juice that prevents the mass maiming of “morning people” (what’s their deal, anyway?) while you reluctantly adjust to the sun being up. It’s a wonderful brew that puts gas in our spiritual tank and carries us through to damn near early afternoon before we, inevitably, need another cup. Decaf is an affront to the dark magic of sumatra roast and it has no place in your life, on your counter, or in your cup - demand full power coffee and claim your jittery birthright!

  • Tell the world what you think of that pale imitation of a ‘cuppa with our snarky “Death Before Decaf” graphic, featuring a skull-and-crossbones adorned mug.
  • Solid color options are 100% cotton, ash grey and heather options also contain polyester for a two-tone effect.
  • An excellent gift for protection against the evils of decaf coffee, which really can’t be overstated.

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