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Dark Mother Gift Card

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Some people are easy to shop for conceptually - you know their general aesthetic, and once in a while you spot a product that would be just perfect for them. But...what’s their favorite color? What size do they wear these days? Is that address from the Christmas card list even still the right one?

Take the stress out of gift giving with the one-size-fits-all Dark Mother Clothing Gift Card: a present that’s always in style and always the right size! Available in denominations ranging from $25 (get yourself a little something-something) up to $200 (surprise shopping spree, you fabulous thing) to make their day with all the best of dark, spooky, lovely treasures from Dark Mother Clothing Company.

Given our ever-growing catalog of dark-themed clothing, home goods, and goth-inspired swag, trust us: they’ll find something they adore while loving every little bit of your gift.

NOTE: This is a digital gift card. After the purchase, you will receive an email with the gift card and instructions on how to use it. The card can be used as payment for any products we have.

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